For My Mama

moms 1 I have to say my Mom is probably my best friend! She really is! She has been through everything with me, thick and thin and that time was approaching – Mother’s Day. I always felt so under pressure, I could never really give my mum a gift that was good enough to tell her how much I loved her and how grateful I was to her and just how special she was. I had given her everything over the years, from flowers to perfumes to show tickets to the latest in spa treatments. This year I decided I wanted to do something extra special.

She had recently told me that she was now becoming super healthy. Or at least those were her words. She had joined a gym for the Pilates I believe, she was seeing a regular massage therapist, she had vowed to drink the required daily amount of water. She had decided to go Vegetarian – I was oh so delighted having been a Vegetarian from the age of five when I spat out a piece of chicken on to the floor and telling my Mom I never wanted to eat that again – or at least that’s how she remembers it! She was really taking it all so seriously and I was so proud of her and also so inspired by her. She was now approaching her late 60’s and she was taking her health into seriomothers day 1us account as well looking better than ever before.

So this Mother’s Day I decided I was going to put it all in one basket! Really to just honor her for her recent achievements and well as yes for being a great Mom! I bought her this beautiful big wicker basket and I put in two tickets to see Wicked (which was her favorite Broadway Show). I filled it with dark chocolate, a Spa weekend (for both of us – why of course, more Mother and Daughter time!). I bought her the latest in Maple Holistics Tea Tree range; Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner along with a few other bits and pieces from them.

I love this brand and so does she but she hadn’t tried this range yet. I added in a great Vegan recipe cookbook; NYC Vegan: Recipes for a Taste of the Big Apple by Michael Suchman. It had nearly 5 stars on Amazon (so it must be good) and plus a girl can try huh! I know she had only just declared herself a Vegetarian but it’s all the rage to go Vegan these days so I thought I’d give her a little friendly nudge! I added a few dried flowers, a wee little bottle of Chloe which I had purchased earlier in the week from downtown and I sealed it with a pink ribbon. Now if that doesn’t let my Mom know how
much I love her then I don’t know what will! Apart from my cuddles and my re-enactment of the time I spat out my food all over her floor when I was five – just kidding! I love you MOM – happy Mother’s Day!

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