What a Cute Baby…Glock!

glock 26 coolWe’ve looked at scopes now it’s time for handguns! This is a gun that has come under some heavy fire. There are many who don’t like how small it is, but if you have smaller hands, this gun can be a real asset. Other shooters, I suppose, should not buy it. It is still an investment, and – just like any other gun – it isn’t worth buying if you don’t intend for it to be used.

The ‘baby’ Glock 26 is small (L 6.49 X W1.18 X H 5.17), but it packs a 9mm punch. This is why it has become so popular with law enforcement and government agents, mainly as a backup that can be concealed in many locations.

When it comes to concealability, I feel the trick is to find the right holster. Paired with the right one, the G26 is just as good as any of the other, fuller-sized Glocks, like the G17 or G19. Gunivore.com is a great gun blog that has some great articles on all these handguns if you’re interested in more info.

It shoots very well, doesn’t jam or otherwise fail, and is easy to maintain. The G26 was the which later became standard on all fourth generation Glock handguns.dual coil spring

It doesn’t fill your hand as well as bigger guns, so if the grip is an issue, you should seek out a larger grip via extensions. There are ones which can extend the grip, without adding to your magazine intake. That way, this Glock can comply with many State regulations, in places where it is illegal to carry more than 10 rounds in a handgun.

The price of this nifty little gun is about $500-600. You can find it used for less, perhaps. But right out of the factory gates, this is one weapon which can provide a lot of security and confidence. You may find that you need to adjust your grip, especially if you are used to larger handguns.

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