The Future and Grammar

People write millions of wordsTechnology is changing the way we view the classroom. And social media is changing the way we communicate with regards to grammar. For some reason, some people just do not take writing very seriously, and for the life of me I cannot understand why this is. People write millions of words over the course of their lifetimes – is it not valuable to ensure that those millions of words are as high-quality and coherent as possible? Spelling, grammar, tense usage – there are a number of recurring errors and writing mistakes that I find to be particularly frustrating, but those recurring writing errors are the ones that really take the cake. You know the ones I mean – I’m talking about “then vs. than”, “you’re vs. your”, “they’re vs. there” – those grammatical errors that demonstrate a less than elementary working knowledge of the English language and are more prominent than ever now given the advent and popularization of social media. The ease and accessibility of social and digital media and messaging has been a serious blow to English writing as well – these days, people are more concerned with delivering their intent as quickly as possible, even if it means disregarding proper English in the process.

I find this to be utterly disheartening. Frankly, implementing and utilizing a sophisticated language is something that represented an advancement for the human race towards greater evolution and maturation. Disregarding our languages and rules of writing represents regression on the part of Western civilization and the world at large – we are losing part of what had made our species different than the others on the earth. Sadly, as technology advances further and further, it seems increasingly likely that this trend will be disrupted.

No Grammar, No SMS!

I would advocate for standard messaging services to be obligated to implement grammatical blocks that prevented users from sending messages that are grammatically incorrect. I know that this might seem somewhat extreme, but in the interests of the greater good, it would be a tremendous thing for human life. More so, my program would have a finite amount of life in it – as folks learn more about the grammatical mistakes that they’re making through programs like WhiteSmoke or Grammarly, the less they would be reliant on said programs, as they would be LEARNING. If you are unaware of what these programs are has reviews on all of them that explain what they are and do.Learning the proper rules of grammar

Learning the proper rules of grammar negates the need for someone to have grammar and writing correcting software forced onto them. The sooner people begin to see the mistakes that they’re making be corrected, and the sooner it is explained to them and they understand why in fact their mistakes are mistakes, the sooner that person will be to not making any grammatical mistakes that could be corrected in the first place.

Writing is not going anywhere any time soon. The digital age has led to an increase in poor writing, but an increase in writing nonetheless. It’s important that we make sure our children and adults alike are educated in terms of grammar for the sake of the future of our planet. Once our societal shortcomings are corrected, proper habits will be ingrained and people will have less to work on, moving forward with their lives.

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