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Sometimes I feel like that one David Bowie song, the one where he is in space and loses contact with ground control. I think the name of the song was “Space Oddity.” Although I can understand why you are scratching your head right now, but let me explain, and then you’ll understand. So basically, the story of the David Bowie song is that the spaceman, by the name of Major Tom, starts drifting out in space, and then loses contact with ground control. At the very end of the song,  he is just floating out in space, all alone, with no one able to hear him. It’s both scary and sad, when you really think about it.

Because not only is Major Tom unable to contact anyone, he is going to die alone out there. To be lost and without direction is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, and this is exactly what the problem is. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it has a lot to do with how I think the education system is being run in this day and age. As you may have been able to pick up from my very unwieldly introduction, edu-grammarlyleaving people alone and directionless is a terrible thing, and that is exactly what I think America’s education system is doing. I’m sure it’s not malicious or anything, but it definitely is happening, and that is terrible. I’m so glad that when I went to school things were different, and that I had teachers that actually cared for my academic success or failure. I actually get kind of angry when I think about how neglectful teachers are in this day and age. They couldn’t care less if a student was failing, and they especially don’t care if they get held back. In fact, the only reason they might care about a kid getting held back is simply because they don’t want to have to deal with him anymore. But you know what, there are some teachers that are a little better than other teachers, or at least less neglectful.

You see, some of the teachers realized that they can foist some of the responsibility of the teaching on programs that will do their work for them. But here’s the thing, these teachers really lucked out. You see, there is a program called Grammarly (reviewed by Edumuch), that is just simply amazing. Grammarly may seem to be not up to the job, as it is simply a spelling and grammar checker, so how on earth would Grammarly be able to help out with this situation. You see, Grammarly has a special tool in its repertoire. When Grammarly does its spelling and grammar check, and tells you what to change. Grammarly doesn’t just tell you what to put instead of the mistake, Grammarly explains exactly why it wants you to make that correction. This is an excellent way to teach kids how to write better, as they’ll be learning while they’re at home writing. Grammarly is a win-win situation.

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