About Us

Hey there friends :)

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by!
Here at JoyInvitation I love to share all the things that make me joyful and invite you to come along for the ride!
I’m a blogger who loves friends, family and good southern food. When I’m not here by the computer blogging about the things that make me joyful, I’m hanging out with my goldfish, Jelly, and my dog, Nelly ( I know they’re names rhyme, I did it on purpose due to their undying love and friendship! cutest thing ever!). Actually funny story about them: one time, Jelly and Nelly got into some serious mischief and Nelly literally scared Jelly right out of the water and then, not knowing what to do, brought her to me in her mouth!! freaking out is an understatement. Anywhooooos, sorry about that rambling.I love writing and sharing my thoughts and feelings with those around me and in turn love to receive your thoughts and feelings in return.
Thanks for coming on be and being a part of my joy filled life!
Peace, love and learning <3


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