Glock 19 Gen 4


The Glock 19 compared to different guns on the market stands apart as the most popular handgun in the world by far so much so that most people refer to all other guns as glocks. It has a very boxy look to it and is not very cosmetically pleasing. A very nice feature of the Glock 19 also reviewed on Gunivore is that it has a very smooth slide for cocking the pistol as well as a lighter spring that allows the shooter to easily cock and load the gun instead of fumbling around in a stressful situation, but because of that they it doesn’t really have such a great grip on the slide whereas other competing handguns have groves along the side to that are easier to grip.

The sites on the glock 19 are made of plastic which in general isn’t that great because they fall apart easily and if you are to buy any handgun you should invest in better sites. A great feature about the glock 19 or glocks in general for that matter is they have great magazine compatibility the standard magazine is a 15 round magazine but you could buy up to a 30 round magazine glock-19-finely-balanced-pistol-courtesy-the-truth-about-guns and the beauty about glocks is that they are the most popular handguns on the planet and you can pretty much buy any replacement or upgrades anywhere they gave a lot of great options for improving your glock. You can get customs of so much that it kind of reminds me of an AR. The upgrade of the stock barrel for your glock is the best barrel for your glock if you want it to last longer.

The glock is more geared towards home defense because it is just simply too big to have as an everyday carry around and it has avery big grip, but luckily the gen 4 has a removable back strap but for people that naturally have long skinny fingers the glocks can be perfect, because generally the smaller more compact handguns are harder to shoot because there is too much clutter around the grip and trigger, and you don’t want to have your finger to be all the way through the trigger guard. Whereas with the glock your finger fits perfectly in the trigger guard which will enhance your shooting accuracy.

A great feature about the Glock 19 is that if it fits your hand it has a great recoil that allows for follow up shots and increased accuracy. The trigger may take a bit too long depending on what you prefer as a gin owner but the beauty is that I mentioned before you could just replace it with a modification. The beauty of this gun is, that even if you don’t like it the practicality of the gun is about having a gun that is so popular that you can pretty much add as many upgrade and modifications that you can make it the perfect home defense or daily carry gun you have.

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