Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

sweeney tod 1I was lucky enough to see Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street live on stage. It was after I had already seen the movie, directed by Tim Burton. I really enjoyed it, and when I was on a business trip I decided to stop by and catch it. It wasn’t on Broadway, but it was close enough for me. I had a blast, and I had also enjoyed hearing the songs in full. The ones in the film are good, but they are not as long and detailed as the originals. The stage production is always better, I feel, since it is live. This is part of what I love about stage and theater. When a different kind of artist creates something, say a painting or some kind of glass art, it is there. People can then see it, observe it, and experience it. But with something like a stage production, there is a certain one-timeness to it. Even if we are talking about a show that is one for 200 nights in a row, not a single one of them will be exactly like the other 199. Each is different in some way. Each is a creation unto itself, a standalone work. And this is why stage and theatre are so awesome to me: that kind of work has an element of magic to it which other kinds of art do not possess.

Some people didn’t enjoy the fact that the show had no British accents, but I think that for a medium-sized production like the one I witnessed, it was executed very well. The accents are hard to do, that is the truth. Even if you have a knack for accents, and even if you rehearse a lot, it can still be a tough one to pull off. English accents, particularly the ones in Sweeny Todd, can be difficult to emulate.sweeney tod 2

I had wanted to watch that on stage for a while. It isn’t that this one is so much more amazing than other shows, but I love the irony, the songs, the bloodlust. I mean, come on, using human meat for pies? Love it. Whether it is Angela Lansbury, Patti LuPone, Helena Bonham-Carter, or the name of the actress who at the show I saw – they are all great.

The way to enjoy a night out at the theatre is to not compare it to other performances. Sometimes I can pull that off, and sometimes I can’t.

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For My Mama

moms 1 I have to say my Mom is probably my best friend! She really is! She has been through everything with me, thick and thin and that time was approaching – Mother’s Day. I always felt so under pressure, I could never really give my mum a gift that was good enough to tell her how much I loved her and how grateful I was to her and just how special she was. I had given her everything over the years, from flowers to perfumes to show tickets to the latest in spa treatments. This year I decided I wanted to do something extra special.

She had recently told me that she was now becoming super healthy. Or at least those were her words. She had joined a gym for the Pilates I believe, she was seeing a regular massage therapist, she had vowed to drink the required daily amount of water. She had decided to go Vegetarian – I was oh so delighted having been a Vegetarian from the age of five when I spat out a piece of chicken on to the floor and telling my Mom I never wanted to eat that again – or at least that’s how she remembers it! She was really taking it all so seriously and I was so proud of her and also so inspired by her. She was now approaching her late 60’s and she was taking her health into seriomothers day 1us account as well looking better than ever before.

So this Mother’s Day I decided I was going to put it all in one basket! Really to just honor her for her recent achievements and well as yes for being a great Mom! I bought her this beautiful big wicker basket and I put in two tickets to see Wicked (which was her favorite Broadway Show). I filled it with dark chocolate, a Spa weekend (for both of us – why of course, more Mother and Daughter time!). I bought her the latest in Maple Holistics Tea Tree range; Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner along with a few other bits and pieces from them.

I love this brand and so does she but she hadn’t tried this range yet. I added in a great Vegan recipe cookbook; NYC Vegan: Recipes for a Taste of the Big Apple by Michael Suchman. It had nearly 5 stars on Amazon (so it must be good) and plus a girl can try huh! I know she had only just declared herself a Vegetarian but it’s all the rage to go Vegan these days so I thought I’d give her a little friendly nudge! I added a few dried flowers, a wee little bottle of Chloe which I had purchased earlier in the week from downtown and I sealed it with a pink ribbon. Now if that doesn’t let my Mom know how
much I love her then I don’t know what will! Apart from my cuddles and my re-enactment of the time I spat out my food all over her floor when I was five – just kidding! I love you MOM – happy Mother’s Day!

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Glock 19 Gen 4


The Glock 19 compared to different guns on the market stands apart as the most popular handgun in the world by far so much so that most people refer to all other guns as glocks. It has a very boxy look to it and is not very cosmetically pleasing. A very nice feature of the Glock 19 also reviewed on Gunivore is that it has a very smooth slide for cocking the pistol as well as a lighter spring that allows the shooter to easily cock and load the gun instead of fumbling around in a stressful situation, but because of that they it doesn’t really have such a great grip on the slide whereas other competing handguns have groves along the side to that are easier to grip.

The sites on the glock 19 are made of plastic which in general isn’t that great because they fall apart easily and if you are to buy any handgun you should invest in better sites. A great feature about the glock 19 or glocks in general for that matter is they have great magazine compatibility the standard magazine is a 15 round magazine but you could buy up to a 30 round magazine glock-19-finely-balanced-pistol-courtesy-the-truth-about-guns and the beauty about glocks is that they are the most popular handguns on the planet and you can pretty much buy any replacement or upgrades anywhere they gave a lot of great options for improving your glock. You can get customs of so much that it kind of reminds me of an AR. The upgrade of the stock barrel for your glock is the best barrel for your glock if you want it to last longer.

The glock is more geared towards home defense because it is just simply too big to have as an everyday carry around and it has avery big grip, but luckily the gen 4 has a removable back strap but for people that naturally have long skinny fingers the glocks can be perfect, because generally the smaller more compact handguns are harder to shoot because there is too much clutter around the grip and trigger, and you don’t want to have your finger to be all the way through the trigger guard. Whereas with the glock your finger fits perfectly in the trigger guard which will enhance your shooting accuracy.

A great feature about the Glock 19 is that if it fits your hand it has a great recoil that allows for follow up shots and increased accuracy. The trigger may take a bit too long depending on what you prefer as a gin owner but the beauty is that I mentioned before you could just replace it with a modification. The beauty of this gun is, that even if you don’t like it the practicality of the gun is about having a gun that is so popular that you can pretty much add as many upgrade and modifications that you can make it the perfect home defense or daily carry gun you have.

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The Grammarly Way


Sometimes I feel like that one David Bowie song, the one where he is in space and loses contact with ground control. I think the name of the song was “Space Oddity.” Although I can understand why you are scratching your head right now, but let me explain, and then you’ll understand. So basically, the story of the David Bowie song is that the spaceman, by the name of Major Tom, starts drifting out in space, and then loses contact with ground control. At the very end of the song,  he is just floating out in space, all alone, with no one able to hear him. It’s both scary and sad, when you really think about it.

Because not only is Major Tom unable to contact anyone, he is going to die alone out there. To be lost and without direction is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, and this is exactly what the problem is. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it has a lot to do with how I think the education system is being run in this day and age. As you may have been able to pick up from my very unwieldly introduction, edu-grammarlyleaving people alone and directionless is a terrible thing, and that is exactly what I think America’s education system is doing. I’m sure it’s not malicious or anything, but it definitely is happening, and that is terrible. I’m so glad that when I went to school things were different, and that I had teachers that actually cared for my academic success or failure. I actually get kind of angry when I think about how neglectful teachers are in this day and age. They couldn’t care less if a student was failing, and they especially don’t care if they get held back. In fact, the only reason they might care about a kid getting held back is simply because they don’t want to have to deal with him anymore. But you know what, there are some teachers that are a little better than other teachers, or at least less neglectful.

You see, some of the teachers realized that they can foist some of the responsibility of the teaching on programs that will do their work for them. But here’s the thing, these teachers really lucked out. You see, there is a program called Grammarly (reviewed by Edumuch), that is just simply amazing. Grammarly may seem to be not up to the job, as it is simply a spelling and grammar checker, so how on earth would Grammarly be able to help out with this situation. You see, Grammarly has a special tool in its repertoire. When Grammarly does its spelling and grammar check, and tells you what to change. Grammarly doesn’t just tell you what to put instead of the mistake, Grammarly explains exactly why it wants you to make that correction. This is an excellent way to teach kids how to write better, as they’ll be learning while they’re at home writing. Grammarly is a win-win situation.

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The Future and Grammar

People write millions of wordsTechnology is changing the way we view the classroom. And social media is changing the way we communicate with regards to grammar. For some reason, some people just do not take writing very seriously, and for the life of me I cannot understand why this is. People write millions of words over the course of their lifetimes – is it not valuable to ensure that those millions of words are as high-quality and coherent as possible? Spelling, grammar, tense usage – there are a number of recurring errors and writing mistakes that I find to be particularly frustrating, but those recurring writing errors are the ones that really take the cake. You know the ones I mean – I’m talking about “then vs. than”, “you’re vs. your”, “they’re vs. there” – those grammatical errors that demonstrate a less than elementary working knowledge of the English language and are more prominent than ever now given the advent and popularization of social media. The ease and accessibility of social and digital media and messaging has been a serious blow to English writing as well – these days, people are more concerned with delivering their intent as quickly as possible, even if it means disregarding proper English in the process.

I find this to be utterly disheartening. Frankly, implementing and utilizing a sophisticated language is something that represented an advancement for the human race towards greater evolution and maturation. Disregarding our languages and rules of writing represents regression on the part of Western civilization and the world at large – we are losing part of what had made our species different than the others on the earth. Sadly, as technology advances further and further, it seems increasingly likely that this trend will be disrupted.

No Grammar, No SMS!

I would advocate for standard messaging services to be obligated to implement grammatical blocks that prevented users from sending messages that are grammatically incorrect. I know that this might seem somewhat extreme, but in the interests of the greater good, it would be a tremendous thing for human life. More so, my program would have a finite amount of life in it – as folks learn more about the grammatical mistakes that they’re making through programs like WhiteSmoke or Grammarly, the less they would be reliant on said programs, as they would be LEARNING. If you are unaware of what these programs are Edumuch.com has reviews on all of them that explain what they are and do.Learning the proper rules of grammar

Learning the proper rules of grammar negates the need for someone to have grammar and writing correcting software forced onto them. The sooner people begin to see the mistakes that they’re making be corrected, and the sooner it is explained to them and they understand why in fact their mistakes are mistakes, the sooner that person will be to not making any grammatical mistakes that could be corrected in the first place.

Writing is not going anywhere any time soon. The digital age has led to an increase in poor writing, but an increase in writing nonetheless. It’s important that we make sure our children and adults alike are educated in terms of grammar for the sake of the future of our planet. Once our societal shortcomings are corrected, proper habits will be ingrained and people will have less to work on, moving forward with their lives.

Should Learning Be Only Done In The Classroom?

what do we need teachers forPart of owning and operating a gun is proper education. Today  education is evolving with technology. Is there any kind of practical benefit to live teachers teaching in the classroom with live students? An increasing percentage of the education community does not seem to think so. The older the generation or age of the person, the less likely they are to agree with the sentiment behind moving towards computerized education, which makes sense. People don’t like what is unfamiliar to them, particularly if they feel that this new development could marginalize them. In other words, teachers don’t want to concede that computerized education is the way of the future because they think that computerized education is threatening to their livelihood. If a computer can teach a class – what do we need teachers for?

I’m here to tell you that this line of thinking that has been adopted by educators and administrators alike is not a logical one. The growth of computerized education should not squeeze out teachers from the education in any way – rather it can, should, and does serve to help them by making their lives easier and enhancing the information that they have to convey to their students. In a vacuum, society is not asking teachers to retire so that it can enlist computers to help teach students. Rather, society would like to see the fat and inefficiencies that plague education trimmed, so as to enhance the lives and learning of students and teachers alike.

Computers Don’t Threaten Jobs

computerized learningBasically, computerized learning doesn’t mean that a computer teaches students certain specific information, replacing the life of the teacher. It means cutting out the need for physical classroom by creating accessible class content on the computer – saving the teachers and students thousands of hours over the course of an academic lifetime by eliminating the need for a commute to school, and saving a school board and administration thousands in costs by eliminating the need to accommodate students and teachers in person. Teachers create content to be reviewed by the students on the computer, grade assignments and papers, and answer questions all over the computer as opposed to in person – proving that the unique lessons and perspectives offered by educated, trained teachers is very much valuable.

To clarify, in no way should this system apply to anyone but the college level and above. There is something inherently valuable in terms of development in children and teens attending to school so as to learn how to best benefit and integrate into society. The thought of children staying home and being robbed of valuable interaction with peers and teachers alike is a tragic one, and that’s why this (computerized learning) will never become a reality for any kind of young person.

The bottom line is, there is too much to be gained by optimizing learning via computers for this to never become a widespread, universally adopted practice. Students are proven to learn no less over the computer than their contemporaries who are taught the same thing in the same class – there’s really nothing left to say to defend the idea that learning should only be done in classrooms.

What a Cute Baby…Glock!

glock 26 coolWe’ve looked at scopes now it’s time for handguns! This is a gun that has come under some heavy fire. There are many who don’t like how small it is, but if you have smaller hands, this gun can be a real asset. Other shooters, I suppose, should not buy it. It is still an investment, and – just like any other gun – it isn’t worth buying if you don’t intend for it to be used.

The ‘baby’ Glock 26 is small (L 6.49 X W1.18 X H 5.17), but it packs a 9mm punch. This is why it has become so popular with law enforcement and government agents, mainly as a backup that can be concealed in many locations.

When it comes to concealability, I feel the trick is to find the right holster. Paired with the right one, the G26 is just as good as any of the other, fuller-sized Glocks, like the G17 or G19. Gunivore.com is a great gun blog that has some great articles on all these handguns if you’re interested in more info.

It shoots very well, doesn’t jam or otherwise fail, and is easy to maintain. The G26 was the which later became standard on all fourth generation Glock handguns.dual coil spring

It doesn’t fill your hand as well as bigger guns, so if the grip is an issue, you should seek out a larger grip via extensions. There are ones which can extend the grip, without adding to your magazine intake. That way, this Glock can comply with many State regulations, in places where it is illegal to carry more than 10 rounds in a handgun.

The price of this nifty little gun is about $500-600. You can find it used for less, perhaps. But right out of the factory gates, this is one weapon which can provide a lot of security and confidence. You may find that you need to adjust your grip, especially if you are used to larger handguns.

The Pricier The Better – Hunting Scopes

Hunting scopes are either very good, or very bad. I haven’t seen too many that have a middle ground. The cheaper ones are just not as good.

There are times when price can tell you almost nothing of a product’s quality. Sometimes, prices are jacked up for the sake of it, and nothing more. When it comes to scopes, there is a clear cut consensus: the pricier ones are better.

The Pricier The Better

SCOPEThat is just the way it is. When you take into account the materials, the lenses, the engineering that goes into crafting a high-quality hunting scope, it is no wonder these can sometimes cost as much a new rifle. Some have even gone so far as to say that your scope should cost more than your rifle. I don’t know if that is the case with everyone, but it kind of makes sense. The rifle is in charge of releasing the projectile, but it is the scope, the optical device, which helps the shooter (and the projectile) hit the target.

When you are out shopping for hunting scopes, don’t get one lightly. These things may take time, since it depends on several crucial factors: your estimated distances, your target, your rifle, and possibly your ammo. It all comes together to form a well-made weapon, and it is part of why hunting and hunting competitions are getting more and more popular every year. People – myself included – love that feeling of being outdoors, of setting up camp, of lighting a fire, and of hunting one’s prey. There is no other feeling like it in the world, and it takes me back to the earliest and most primitive ways of existence.

In a world that is so digitized and computerized, getting outdoors and hunting – whether for game or food – is an amazing experience. It’s not for everyone. And not all forms of hunting are for everyone, either. I wouldn’t want to hunt with a bow or spear, but I could definitely go for a rifle.

Hunting is one way of reminding yourself that you are part of a greater system. I think that is partly why it is so powerful, and why it has such a hold on many individuals.

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